• From Acting to Producing
    Heather endeavors to continue to learn and grow in the film industry. Heather continues to grow as an actress but has also taken on more producing roles in film as well. She is currently working on multiple feature film and web series projects including her indie news series Filming Round Midtown. Learn more about this ambitious actress.

  • Portfolio
    Check out Heather’s official video portfolio featuring her acting reels, full length shorts, trailers, Filming Round Midtown episodes, events, and more!

  • Gallery
    Check out the Gallery for pictures of print modeling,  lingerie, head shots, cosplay, events, and more including a few exclusive images not available anywhere else to the public!

  • Modeling
    Heather enjoys modeling for print and at events. She has a plethora of costumes and go-to special effects make up styles and prefers abstract and unique concepts. Book Heather today for your next photo shoot or film!

  • Festivals
    Heather has had the honor and pleasure of being able to attend horror festivals across the US over the last year. Here she is pictured with Nicholas Brendon, best known for his role as ‘Xander’ in Buffy. Learn more about Heather’s current projects and what to keep an eye out for at festivals.

Official Site of Los Angeles based indie actress, producer, and writer Heather Dorff

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