Nominations and Awards

Won – Best Actress (What They Say) – 2012 Critic’s Word C.H.E.W.I.E. Awards
Won – Best Actress (The Tour) – 2014 Chicago Horror Film Festival
Won – Best Female Performance (What They Say) – 2012 Yuma Film Festival
Won – Best Female Performance (What They Say) – 2012 Ocean County Library Film Festival
Won – Best Actress (Hand of Glory) – 2012 Prairie State Film Festival
Won – Best Actress (House of Degenerate Brain-Eating Mutant Fog Insects) – 2012 Laugh or Die Comedy Film Festival
Won – Best Actress (What They Say) – 2011 Chicago Horror Film Festival
Nominated Best Actress (Red Eye) – 2017 San Antonio Horrific Film Festival
Nominated Best Actress (Truth or Dare) – 2014 Indie Horror Film Festival
Nominated – Best Actress (What They Say) – 2012 Indie Horror Film Fest
Nominated – Best Actress (Hand of Glory) – 2012 Maverick Movie Awards


“As for actresses, the actresses I’ve worked with have been the most inspiring, particularly Heather Dorff. Her strength, energy, and unbelievable talent constantly make me push myself further.” – Deann Baker during an interview with (re)Search my Trash answering thr question of what actors/actress inspire her.

“All the actors in Truth or Dare are extremely talented and give believable performances. This is a rarity in indie film; having a cast that are all phenomenal and can evoke all the correct emotions at the drop of a hat. They all have a ton of chemistry, too. Casting director, I applaud you. Despite loving all of the performances, I do have to say that I enjoyed Heather Dorff and Jessica Cameron the most. This is the first time I’ve seen Ms. Dorff in a large role and I was thoroughly impressed.” – Michael DeFellipo’s review on performances from Heather Dorff and the cast of ‘Truth or Dare’ on Horror Society.

“Heather is one of those rare actresses where the high acclaim is completely well deserved and if anything is an understatement. She brings professionalism, experience, tenacity, adaptability, diligent hard work, and an entertaining down time atmosphere to the set and gives 110%. The depths with which she goes to get inside the psyche of the character is a phenomenal process to witness. She understands the entire film making process and applies this knowledgeable background while filming. She can be funny, she can be dramatic, and her portrayal of being terrified is one of the most disturbing things I have ever filmed. Her methods are unique and genuine and I highly recommend her for any project. I have no doubt that Heather is on the road to a wonderfully longevous career in this industry.” – Michael Wade Johnson, Faux Pas Films, on filming Heather’s performance as ‘Ember’ in “Incorporeal”.

“Your time with us was the most awesome we have had shooting since doing this. You brought an energy to the set we have not had in a while. You were fantastic in your role and went above and beyond. For that we thank you.. Be well my dear. For we will work together again.” – Director Brian and Johnna Troxell, Caisson Films Orlando, on ‘Intrusive Behavior’

“Heather Dorff deserves a special thank you from me because watching her work, be as daring and open as she was, really encouraged me to open up my performance.” – Actor Kyle Hoskins, interview on ‘Dry Spell’

“I’ve done a lot of acting over the past three decades of my life, but never before have I felt this kind of impact.” – Actor Darren Marlar, on watching Heather perform an emotional scene on set of ‘Hand of Glory’


Kevin Hall podcast interview with Heather Dorff 11/7/15
The Dorkening Live Interview with Heather Dorff 11/10/2015
Nerd Rage Renegade podcast interview with Heather Dorff & Jessica Cameron 10/2015
Chris Charles of Idol Features interview with Heather Dorff 9/15/2015
Mike Haberfelner at (re)Search My Trash interviews Heather Dorff on ‘The Tour’
England based podcaster John Gilling interviews Heather Dorff on all things indie film 1/31/14
Blog & Guts: Heather Dorff talks Jessica Cameron’s ‘Truth or Dare’ 1/28/14
reSearch My Trash Interview with Heather Dorff and Deann Baker on Filming Round Midtown 9/2013
“She Came From The Underground’ – Drunken Zombie Podcast Interview with Heather Dorff 6/2/2013
Fear Cast Network: Astro Radio Z with guest Heather Dorff 3/27/13
Morpheus Tales Presents: Women In Horror Collector’s Edition 2012
Weird Review interview at ChiCon 7 with Heather Dorff, Deann Baker, and Mark Stolaroff 9/2012
reSearch My Trash interview with Heather Dorff 8/8/12

Interview with John Ginder 6/1/12

Dark Discussions podcast interview at Stiletto Film Festival 3/14/2012 Brian Shirley vs Heather Dorff


Fred Thiel, Blog and Guts, review of ‘What They Say’ 10/13/2014
Michael Defellipo, Horror Society, review of ‘What They Say’ 2/26/14
Eddie Scarito, This Is Infamous, review of ‘Truth or Dare’ 2/5/14
Eddie Scarito, This Is Infamous, review of ‘Dry Spell’ 1/27/14
Michael DeFellipo, Horror Society, review of ‘Truth or Dare’. 11/18/13
John Ginder review on ‘What They Say’ 8/22/12
Mike Patton review on ‘What They Say’ 8/20/12

Michael Haberfelner review of ‘What They Say’ 8/12

Justin Hamelin review of ‘What They Say’ 8/12
Steve Pulaski review of ‘What They Say’ 8/10/12
Craig Edwards review of ‘What They Say’ 8/12
Darren Marlar ‘The Birth of a Great Actress’ talking Heather Dorff in ‘Hand of Glory’

General Press (Films, Events, Featured)

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